Ordering a benefit bike from the Canyon online store

Now you can place an order for a Canyon bike directly in Canyon's own online store and make sure that you can get the bike of your dreams!

We trust your ordering abilities 🤘
Please read the Ordering Instructions carefully so that we can minimize errors in product selection and process your order more efficiently!
The Vapaus Customer Experience Team thanks you in advance 💕

The first step is to create your personal account in the Vapaus app.

Next steps:
  1. Your Employer MUST have an active Benefit Bike contract with Vapaus / OomiFillari. Connect your account to their benefit before starting your order!
  2. Check the Benefit Bike guide provided by your employer regarding the maximum price of your future Benefit Bike 👈
  3. Start the ordering process from the Canyon website : Bicycles | CANYON FI
  4. Collect all selected products in your shopping cart: Benefit bike and benefit bike accessories. 
  5. ☝️Remember to double check that all accessories you have chosen are approved by the Finnish tax authorities. The list of permitted and prohibited accessories can be found HERE. Kindly note that the tax authority does not accept spare parts and each listed accessory may only be included once.
  6. Kindly check the compatibility of the accessories with the bike you have chosen directly from Canyon's customer service.
  7. The Benefit Bike, accessories and delivery (always fixed 60€) must fit into the maximum price of your employer's allowed benefit contract value.
    💡Remember to check the maximum package price accepted by your employer directly from the Benefit bike guide provided by your employer.
  8. Take the order from your Shopping cart to check out ➡️ Enter your personal information and delivery address for the order
  9. Choose ''Vapaus Benefit Bike'' as payment method.
  10. Confirm the Order
  11. When you have successfully confirmed the order in Canyon's online store and received the order confirmation by e-mail, you must make a separate order request to Vapaus through this ➡️FORM
    Why, you may ask? We collect your employer and additional information needed to create your Benefit Bike leasing contract, so we can approve and activate the benefit for you when the bike arrives. (Remember to add to the form: your Canyon order number, your employer's details and any additional services e.g. Maintenance budget, cancellation coverage, extended warranty).
  12. When you have filled out the form and sent it to Vapaus, the first thing you will receive is a confirmation that the information has successfully reached our Vapaus Customer experience team. 
  13. Wait calmly (and at the same time impatiently excited 😉) for the order confirmation coming from Vapaus directly to your account's specified email
  14. Check your final order, i.e. the details of the bike, employer and additional services in the final order confirmation email you received from Vapaus and accept them and the terms of the service in your Vapaus user account.
  15. It's very important that you remember to follow the emails from our Vapaus Order team and their instructions so that you can accept the leasing contract as soon as possible and the bike you ordered will arrive to you on time.
  16. Track your bike's arrival at its new home. You will receive a tracking link from Canyon when your bike is shipped.
  17. Enjoy riding your new bike! 🚲✌️

Note! Please remember to always make an order request for Vapaus via the order form after placing an order in the Canyon online store: FORM 🚲

If you do not inform us of your Canyon order number and other details, we will not be able to process your bike leasing contract at all. In this case, Canyon will release the bike back to the online store within 14 days.