Getting started: how to register to the Vapaus service

How to create your Vapaus account and start riding

Your employer just started offering the bike benefit or maybe you're just curious to see what the Vapaus service is all about.

1) Go to and click on "Sign up"

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 19.00.00  Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 18.58.11

2) Start creating an account by entering your professional email address and your chosen password in the field

  • You'll be able to add a secondary address after completing your registration: we recommend you add a personal email address to your account as well to prevent you from losing access in the event of changing employers
  • Choose a strong password (min. 10 characters)
  • Press "Create a Vapaus account"
    • Before we create your account we will also ask you to accept our terms of usage.

You will receive an email containing your Vapaus verification code. Before you can start using the service:

  • Next, you’ll receive a link to verify your email address. This step is important so that we know we can identify you and contact you regarding your future bike benefit contract.

  • Click the link for verifying your email and our onboarding wizard will start guiding you. 


3) The wizard will start by asking you to complete some basic profile information such as your name and address. These will be needed for your employer to identify you as well as to send you bike benefit-related invoices.


4) Once this step is completed, our system will start trying to find available benefits for you.

Case A1 - Only one employer is found

If there is only one employer found with the email domain, the system will suggest it to you. Check if the employer is correct and press "Next" to continue.


Case A2 - Several employers are found

If several employers are using your verified email domain, you’ll be asked to pick the right one from a simple drop-down.

Following this step, you’ll see the single employer’s screen as displayed above.


Case B - No employer is found

If your email address does not give you access to any employer, we will suggest two options:

  • Add another (professional) email address to verify

  • Request access using your company’s business ID



Once the wizard has ended, depending on your employer’s settings, you may either already have access to order a benefit bike, or have to wait until your request is approved.


Note! Before you can order a benefit bike, you must also confirm your personal ID in the system using strong identification (bank credentials). The system guides you through identification. In order to guarantee the best user experience, we recommend that you confirm it first, but no later than when ordering the bike.

You're ready to ride!

Note that depending on your employer's guidelines, you may need to enter more information before you can start using specific parts of the service.