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Benefit bike maintenance budget

Smart way to maintain your benefit bike by including bike service costs into tax benefit with maintenance budget

The maintenance budget is money and you are free to choose whether to use it for first service, annual maintenance, tire replacement, spare parts at service outlets, or chain repairs.

You can see the total summary of your Benefit Bike maintenance budget from your Vapaus User account.

The maintenance budget is flexible money for the entire leasing period. If you choose a maintenance budget of €12/month and the length of the lease period for your benefit bike is 60 months, you can use a total of €720 for maintenance during the whole period. 
The selected maintenance budget lowers the maximum price of the selected bike but also allows the tax advantage to be utilized in maintenance services.


  • 20€ / month - Do you cycle a lot?  Perhaps even more than 1,000 km a year? If so, this is the maintenance budget for you – including €240 per year for maintenance and/or spare parts.
  • 16€ / month - The ideal budget for an active cyclist who cycles more than 500 km a year. Includes €192 per year for maintenance and/or spare parts.

  • 12€ / month - The ideal budget for someone who cycles less than 500 km a year. Includes €144 per year for maintenance and/or spare parts

  • 0€ / month - Do you want to maintain the bike yourself and don’t intend to include maintenance in the taxable value? If so, this is the package for you. It lets you maximise the amount of taxable value you can spend on the bike itself.


  • Vapaus benefit bikes can be serviced throughout Finland at any of our partner stores, which also offer bike maintenance services.
  • If your benefit bike package includes a maintenance budget, the partner shop you choose will invoice Vapaus for the maintenance performed, and you don't have to pay for maintenance yourself.
  • The bikes can also be serviced outside the partner network. When using the maintenance budget, the store must be able to bill Vapaus. Alternatively, you can always pay for the maintenance yourself.
  • If you don't have a maintenance budget in your benefit bike package, you pay the maintenance directly to the shop.

    Of course, the handy person wants to maintain the bike him/herself and that is always possible.😉

⛔Note, you can only use your maintenance budget while your benefit bike leasing contract is active. If you decide to end your leasing contract in the middle of the leasing period, you lose the right to the possible unused maintenance budget.

 ⛔If you over spend your maintenance budget, the excessing of the maintenance budget will be billed separately.