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Benefit Bike Cancellation coverage

The cancellation coverage brings you more security and flexibility.

Vapaus cancellation coverage increases flexibility and prevents potentially expensive consequences when the contract has to be terminated. With the cancellation coverage, the contract can be terminated before the end of the planned leasing period by returning the bike to the Vapaus Bike Center. Vapaus performs the return process directly together with the employee, so it doesn't burden the employer.

Termination of the leasing contract at any time costs the employee €260*, the payment is made directly to Vapaus. The employer can, if agreed, offer to pay the return costs.

If the employer doesn't offer cancellation coverage**, the employee can obtain the additional service directly through Vapaus Customer Service at their own expense for €80, when ordering a bike. However, this option is naturally more expensive for the employee. In this case, it is about employee-specific cancellation coverage. The cost of using the cancellation coverage is €260 for the employee. With employee-specific cancellation coverage, returning the bike costs the employee a total of €340 + possible delivery fee***

*340€ in the Starter plan

**Cancellation coverage is always included for Starter, Pro & Enterprise plans

*** Possible delivery fee in Helsinki Metropolitan area 25€, rest of the Finland 59€.

Our Starter, Pro and Enterprise plans always include cancellation coverage 🤘

If the employer has updated the Benefit Bike contract to the newest Vapaus service plans, the contract always includes cancellation coverage and it's possible to return the benefit bike with the fixed return fee.
Check out the cancellation/return cost breakdown below:

  • Starter : 340€ + possible delivery fee*
  • Pro : 260€ + possible delivery fee*
  • Enterprise : 260€ + possible delivery fee*

* Possible delivery fee in Helsinki Metropolitan area 25€, rest of the Finland 59€.

As part of our latest service plan updates, it is also possible to take advantage of the cancellation coverage for so-called overpriced bikes. However, it is important to note that Vapaus does not return the downpayment the employee has paid in advance.


📝You can fill out the Return form HERE

Kindy note! Cancellation coverage does not apply to all so-called overpriced bicycle packages. A bicycle package is considered to be overpriced, the price of which exceeds the price of the maximum package value allowed by the employer and the difference has been paid to Vapaus as a downpayment.

Therefore always remember to check your employer Benefit Bike-guide!